With WiFi, data is transmitted wirelessly via radio waves over the air – which means you no longer need a physical cable connection to your router. However, wireless connections are also more prone to interference.


The further you are from your router, the weaker your WiFi signal is. This translates to a less stable WiFi connection.


Walls and reflective surfaces reflect and hinder your signal. Devices such as cordless phones, Bluetooth and microwave ovens causes congestion.


Unfortunately, your neighbours’ WiFi networks can also cause congestion and affect the performance and range of your WiFi connection.


We make surfing the web great again

It doesn’t matter if your internet connection is with Singtel, Starhub, M1, ViewQuest or MyRepublic on fibre, cable or DSL connection, we will provide you with professional analysis and fix your problems.


Speeds and Coverage are the most common problems that a home encounters. Having to put up with slow steaming of movies and disconnecting internet connections due to poor Wi-Fi coverage surely frustrates and spoils your me time.

Work with us to improve your home Wi-Fi coverage and end your frustrations to stream in peace.

In today’s well connected digital world, it is of paramount importance to have a reliable network and strong connectivity. New types of wireless devices are being invented any other day and they all need a well connected and stable network to work seamlessly.

Nowadays most homes have digital home fix lines which come with your internet services, however, your phone has to be plugged into the modem gateway directly. We will solve that for you as well so you may set up your phone to the room of your choice.

With so many types of products which you can buy off the rack, which do you purchase and how to use them that would really solve and make your problems go away?

Choosing the right hardware and software is key for an effective and efficient networking infrastructure. With our experience in this industry, we will recommend the most suitable products for you.

Singapore aims to become the world’s leading smart nation, it looks to also drive the use of Internet of Things (IoT) applications and technologies to improve the well-being of its population.

New types of wireless devices are being invented any other day. A smart home would definitely need a well connected and stable network to work seamlessly. 



We provide you the solutions to rid your problems or wish to avoid. Minimize blindspots by having comprehensive coverage of quality entreprise Wi-Fi at your home or workplace, set up by n3twerkz.

Your network will be equipped with protection using cutting-edge technologies. Advanced firewall policies work to keep your security level high and defer unwarranted traffic. VPN – Server for secure communications, site-to-site VPN secures and data transfer with the use of encrypts private data communications.

Know that you will never be on your own, because n3twerkz will support you all the way. From your first step in your relationship with us until the end of the project, we’ll guide you how to manage your network and to utilize your network.

N3twerkz carries a range of brands with different technologies that are suitable for home and offices of every size. We designed to address your requirements and create a secure, reliable network that’s ideal for today’s converged network deployments. We will be able to give an estimated quotation upon a site survey with no obligations.


Established in 2014, n3twerkz provides one stop IT services (WiFi & Networking, Security, and Home Automation Products and Applications). N3twerkz was created with a heart that strived to provide quality integrated technological solutions to residential and businesses in Singapore.

We connect with people and believe in customer relationship that help you experience it your way, to enhance the quality of life using simple-to-use technological tools. We strive to serve your homes, business and guests with the best network experience.

N3twerkz possess the expertise to help you with both residential and commercial needs. Enhance your infrastructure with n3twerkz’ network services to adapt to the volatile needs of businesses nowadays and stay relevant in this digital age. Discover n3twerkz’ array of services from planning, design, deployment, monitoring to management of networks. Access data and applications relevant to your everyday needs at the tip of your fingers, brought to you by n3twerkz.


We at n3twerkz pride ourselves by providing solutions to all types of problems you can encounter in this digital world.

Our professional team consists of Field Engineers and Professional Cabling Installers who have been providing support and solutions to ALL Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Singapore even as of today.


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